3 of the most beautiful paths in Switzerland are ready for summer sledding.

Switzerlandis a land of watches, chocolate, cheese, knives, lakes and mountains. It doesn\’t matter what kind of chocolate we eat. From what we see,to where we get, yes.Backpacks, trekking poles and snacks are available. go.

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Col de la Folclaz

An inevitable pass along the wayfrom Switzerland to Chamonix, France(and possibly to Mont Blanc). The highest mountain in Europe remains hidden for the time being, but from the highest point (1527 m) you can already see the Mont Blanc Massif. From the Swiss town of Martinique, you drive along a well-maintained road between the vineyards and think that at the moment there is only wine and the abyss beneath it. At the top there is a sign declaring: parking, classic items for returning tourists (restaurants, souvenirs),: “Col de la Forlcaz– 1527M.N.M.”And the road traffic leading to the rock on your head is moderate

. However, you must not drive during or before the Tour de France. For example, in 2016 there was part 19. Stage. The masses of busy road users and hobby cyclists in the days before the tour were probably a greater threat than the racer Peloton.

But unlike the cyclist,another path awaits you – Cordemonte in France, whose foot is right in front of the famous Chamonix gate you

The Fulca Pass.

The 2nd stop (or rather the intersection) takes place about 100 kilometers southwest of the city of Kool. In addition toglacial lakes and glaciersthemselves, the source of the Rhôneand the more distant source of the Rhine are also attracted here to 2436m.

With a little exaggeration and imagination, you can set sail from here to travel much of Western Europe.

If you come here on vacation or on a trip, you will definitely not be in a bad company. Goldfinger also had James Bond.
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San Bernardino

is often confused with its counterpart,the Great St. Bernard Pass,located on the road between Mont Blanc and another “hill”, Monte St. Bernard came from this brother of San Bernardino. The truly local one is the healing spring water of San Bernardino, which was used by the Romans when they needed to rest after a long journey. They will be surprised today.

Part of the pass is crossed by a 7-kilometer tunnel,1 of the longest in Europe.

Unlike the previous path, it is always closed in winter and a lot of snow falls here and there in summer. at 2066 meters.n.m.It simply can not do without snow.

We go downstairs and take off our backpacks and have real Swiss chocolate.