Is there anything more interesting than talking about politics? Everyone loves to talk about politics, especially people who also love to discuss it. I know several people who love to talk politics and are quick to start a discussion. Others just love to debate and don\’t care what the outcome is. Of course, there are also cases where people discuss politics without intending to. Unfortunately, there are quite a few such cases, and I know several of them. There are so many party politicians that it is sometimes really difficult to understand them all. Someone likes that politician or another party. And even normal politics can offend a lot of people. And even best friends can fight over politics. What about neighborly relations? That can be a firestorm too. I will never forget the case of my father and his neighbor.

Moc se o politice nebavte.

They were like one soul for several years, probably best friends, often barbecuing together in two cars, taking day trips, and really having fun. This went on for several years. My father and his friend also loved to watch soccer games and enjoy beer. And then it happened. In between the soccer games there were commercials. The gentlemen opened their second beer, picked up their snacks, and then it began.

Nikde není stejná politika.

The ads had political campaigns. There was probably an election or something, but what I know for sure is that it was really bad that my father and his friends stopped talking. It was like a horror movie. Then, after the commercial was over, the father smiled and said something amusing about the politician in the commercial, and the friend was offended and asked what bothered him about the politician and why. The father thought his friend was asking in jest, so the father made another funny remark about the politician. Then twice more, the neighbor couldn\’t take it anymore. They began to verbally abuse each other until the father was forced to go home. I was shocked! It\’s terrible, but it proves that politics is not a good topic.