Allow children to use cell phones?

Mobile phones are daily necessities. We can say that they are ours, just like our clothes and wallets. But what about our children? Are cell phones an option or not? Everyone has a cell phone. Even small children have cell phones to make phone calls. But is that a good thing? What can cell phones in the hands of children actually do? Unfortunately, what is happening these days is that children are bringing their cell phones to school and spending more time on them than listening to their teachers, which is distracting them at school. In some cases, they also try to cheat on their cell phones. This is because they write down the tricks they have on hand. To name just the tip of the iceberg, there is widespread bullying of teachers by older children, who take videos with their cell phones and broadcast them to the online world.


Unfortunately, this ends up, for example, in the form of a professor\’s suicide. This is why cell phones should be in the hands of children, and if children need to have cell phones, then perhaps we need to correct a few things that children should be allowed to have on their cell phones. For example, there are apps that allow you to set only the times of day you want to access the Internet. This would allow children to use their cell phones for calling and texting as long as they have credit or a flat rate.

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And here further consideration is needed as to which type of credit is correct. The question is whether the child should have credits of a certain value for the month. In this case, the child will learn to save money and will consider whether to call or text unnecessarily, but if he really needs to call and has no credit, he will be in a bind. Or, for example, offer an unlimited subscription, but make them understand that they may spend dozens of minutes on the phone or texting. Even allowing access to the Internet is an issue to consider. Children like to discover sites that are off-limits to them, and they may become involved in cyberbullying or unsavory solicitation. It is up to each family to decide how to address this issue and what they will and will not allow their children to do on their mobile devices.