Amazon on fire

Many politicians have their lives revolving around money. Currently, the ideal image of such a politician is Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. This politician is known for his pro-economic rather than pro-environment stance. While a good national economy is important, it is important to recognize that when the last rainforest is destroyed, money will be of no use. We will have nowhere to breathe, nowhere to live…
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Jai Bolsonaro\’s attitude toward the current situation in the Amazon, where the local rainforest (incidentally called the lungs of the world) is being massively burned, is totally inappropriate. It was only after three weeks of fires that the world was informed about this situation! He blames NGOs, which he says want to raise awareness of this situation and use it to make money. He makes these statements at a time when his stance on the protection of the Amazon rainforest has been heavily criticized.
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The political situation in Brazil is not easy, but shortly after his election, the president ceded power over the fate of the local rainforest to the Ministry of Agriculture. However, the Ministry of Agriculture is willing to grant permits to Brazilian agricultural companies whose sole purpose is logging and slash-and-burn. For many indigenous peoples living in the Amazon, the situation is even more frightening. Fires are driving them from their homes and killing them. These tribes do not live in harmony with civilization, so losing their homes is a real tragedy for them.
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Due to prolonged drought, devastating fires are occurring all over the world. The damage is becoming more devastating as forests burn faster. A situation similar to Brazil currently exists in Siberia, where large forest fires are not extinguished because of the vast area and the cost of extinguishing them is too high.
It seems appropriate that politicians around the world should be more concerned about nature. Without nature, humanity would have nowhere to live, and the moment the last tree or animal is gone, everything else becomes completely useless.