Blood Group Diet

Meat, eggs, milk and soy products are generally considered high in protein, and the human body needs certain types of protein to build tissues. In addition, digestion is somewhat worse. At the same time, these foods tend to combine with fat, which can lead to problems with excess weight. Foods high in carbohydrates include flour, pasta, potatoes, sugar, and sweet fruits such as bananas, figs and date palms. Neutral foods are mainly fruits and vegetables. We can still include different types of nuts, herbs, spices and cottage cheese there.
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1. Blood group 0
The digestive system of blood group 0 is directed to the processing of meat, and in addition to meat, it is well tolerated by marine fish. They should avoid milk and dairy products, I also do not recommend cereal products. If you have this group, you should include tofu, broccoli, various types of nuts and root vegetables in your diet. At the same time, hyperacid fruits are not recommended because of the low concentration of stomach and gastric juice.
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2. Blood group A
Their digestion is much more adapted to the processing of carbohydrates. These individuals process rice and grain products well, while soy products, freshwater fish and tofu are recommended as sources of protein.  In contrast to products such as dairy products (example.Yogurt), as well as potatoes and some legumes.
3. Blood Group B
People with this blood group do not have slight digestive problems. Their bodies process nutrients very well, which can lead to overweight. Abstinence in food consumption is very necessary for them. They tolerate almost all dairy products, and their digestive system copes well with meat. They need to be introduced into the diet mainly fish, mainly marine.But be careful with mussels, crayfish and crustaceans.They tolerate potatoes and various legumes and cereals well, but still buckwheat, lentils and crustaceans.さらには多くの製品を避ける必要がありますcorn.An Important elements of nutrition are fruits and vegetables.It is necessary to give up tomatoes, because the lectins contained in tomatoes are harmful to tomatoes.
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4. Blood type AB
These people recommend abstinence, rather, so as not to unnecessarily burden the digestive system. Some meats are very well absorbed by the body, such as rabbits, poultry and lamb. For others, it is already necessary to pause, dairy products are a remedy for them, where they will find a whole range of good food. In any case, in the diet, you should not omit fruits such as kiwi and avoid oranges, which irritate the mucous membrane in the stomach.
The body must first get used to the new way of life, so prepare a divided diet according to the blood type of 1-2 days a week and slowly increase the number of days.