Bringing Fresh Fruits to Your Table

Every year, more and more people give up buying certain fruits and vegetables at the supermarket. Instead, they go directly to the growers to buy them at harvest time. Many domestic crops are cheaper and of better quality than those bought at the supermarket. You can harvest strawberries, apples, plums, pears, and peaches yourself. And not only do they feel good that they have contributed to their own health, but most importantly, they have the certainty that they can choose only the best fruits themselves. The advantage of this shopping experience is that everything is in your hands. You put only what you want in your basket, in the quantities you specify.
bedýnka jablek
Not only is a wide variety of produce offered,but also fruits and vegetables grown with organic qualityandorganic methods. This means more earth-friendly people and a growing number of people with allergies who are hypersensitive to commonly used pesticides. It is also a great option for parents with young children. With homemade apples and pears, they can make snacks and dishes that even the smallest members of the family can enjoy.
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You can savequite a bitby going to an orchard! Farmers usually quote a price per kilogram of fruit or variety. To give an example, if you buy apples in a supermarket, you can pay 60 kroner per kilogram, but if you pick your own apples, it is about 15 kroner per kilogram. This is a big difference. Perhaps this is why more and more people are hustling on their own each year.

Another reason for self-collection is to support local farmers. Box sales, in which farmers regularly bring a portion of their produce directly to their homes or collection points, are another alternative to self-collection. All of these are offered at pre-agreed prices.

You can find a list of producers who offer self-pickup or box sales on the Internet or on the websites of the various municipalities. Arrival dates can be arranged by phone at your convenience. Pack a basket and head out to the nearest orchard.