Business and Entrepreneurship

The basis of businessis to satisfy the needs of the company and its customers, which is an exchange of buying and selling. Barter is the acquisition of needed goods in exchange for one\’s own. Today, it refers to the exchange of certain goods or services for money. For an exchange to be possible, a total of five conditions must be met:
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1. there must be at least two parties to the potential transaction
2. each party must have something of value to the other party 3. the parties communicate with each other about price and goods
4. both parties must have a need to negotiate with the other party
The buyer and supplier must communicate with each other for their respectiveand work toward an agreementfor the benefit of each. Once agreement is reached,a transaction is possible,and this becomes the basic unit of exchange. Thus, the transaction takes placebetween the buying and selling parties.
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Today,purchases are not only made directlyby one-time or installment payments,but also by leasingorrenting. Depending on the situation, they can be divided into new (initial), modified (constant change of specifications), and repeated without change (routine). Due to the convenience offered by online shopping, physical stores, with the exception of groceries, are currently losing popularity. Exchanges and transactions may take place between different entities, individuals, and nations. Thus, the following basic conceptsexist:
B2B (Business to Business) – Business to Business
B2C (Business to Customer) – Business to Business
C2B (Customer to Business) – Customer approaches company to improve its market conditions
C2C (Customer to Customer) – Interchange between end customers [68 69] – Interchange between end customers
– Interchange between end customers B2G (Business to Government)
– Services and products provided by private entrepreneurs to the government
B2E (Business to Employee) – Relationship between entrepreneurs, employees, and
G2C (Government to Customer) – Government provides services to end consumers [98