Classical Politics

I remember once getting burned while discussing politics with a friend. I had no idea it was going to be so ugly. And I must say I was very surprised, but almost unhappy. Because I had no idea that my friend was so into politics and political events. I had no idea she was like that. I have known this friend for nine years. And we went to high school and college together. To be honest, I thought I knew my friend really well. But I was wrong.

Děti politika vůbec nezajímá, mají svůj svět.

I remember going to a party with my friend. I think we were both bored. We were about to be alone when all of a sudden a subject came up that we didn\’t really want to talk about. My friend asked me what I thought about politics. To be honest, I was very surprised. We had a really good time at the party, so why should we talk about politics? I don\’t think politics and fun go together. But my friend really thought differently. So I told him that politics was infuriating and full of clowns. Unfortunately, I shouldn\’t have said that. My friend was really upset and offended. To be honest, at first I had to laugh.

Politika není tak růžová, jak si myslíme.

because I thought my friend was joking. Otherwise, why would she be upset about politics? I think she was shouting pretty loudly too. Because people were looking at us. I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I decided to go get some air. And when I went back inside, my friend was gone. She had gone away, but I didn\’t care because at least I was alone and could calm down. I haven\’t talked politics with that friend since. It also took me about two weeks to get back with my friend more about politics.