Clean All Your Teeth in 10 Seconds

Amabrush is a toothbrush that can clean all your teeth in 10 seconds. The toothbrush consists of an antibacterial silicone mouthpiece with several rows of angled bristles that enter the spaces between the teeth. A motor activates the bristles, causing them to vibrate at various frequencies, and a microchannel built into a capsule inserted into this unit delivers a precise amount of toothpaste into the mouth. When brushing is complete, i.e., after 10 seconds, the mouthpiece is removed from the unit, or brush, and rinsed and dried. By making the mouthpiece removable, the motorized unit can be used by the entire family, but each person will have his or her own mouthpiece. Cleaning with a regular toothbrush takes less than 10 seconds, but the toothbrush does not reach all teeth at once. Therefore, 10 seconds of brushing is sufficient to ensure that plaque is removed with each movement of the toothbrush.
elektrický zubní kartáček
The microbrush bristles that make up the toothbrush mouthpiece easily reach between the teeth. They are also made of a material that is gentle to the gums and does not wear away the gums too much.

The mouthpiece should be replaced every 3-6 months due to bacterial buildup from plaque and mechanical wear of the mouthpiece\’s micro bristles. If not replaced, brushing will be ineffective because plaque will not be completely removed. Replacement of the mouthpiece costs about 6 euros and unfortunately cannot be tailored to each user.
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An advantage of this toothbrush is that the motor in the toothbrush charges wirelessly, so there is no need to plug it in. Another advantage is that the motor can last a month without recharging.

This new technology has been successfully funded and is sure to revolutionize tooth brushing for all of us. We will no longer have to buy dental floss or mouthwash.