Do you enjoy it?

Whether you are an adult, a teenager, or sometimes even a child of a young age, everyone has to deal with inherent responsibilities. School, work, chores, family care, pets, living room and garden plants …… We have daily responsibilities for almost every day activities. It\’s like a black cloud over our heads that threatens to bring disaster if we don\’t do our part.
I have been asked if I know the difference between a job and a hobby. I have been asked. A job is an activity for which you get paid if you do it. A hobby, on the other hand, is an activity that you get paid for if you do it. In other words, what may be a job to one person may be a hobby to another. It can be. But we all decide in our minds what is enjoyable for us and what, on the contrary, we do because we need to do it to support ourselves.
plavat na silnici
Can work be a hobby? That sounds like utopia. I don\’t think so. After all, the liberating thing about having fun is that we don\’t have to. You want to. Suppose someone pays you to swim how many pools? How many days would you last? Ride a bike. How long would you ride? The first month, maybe a lot… But… Driving a car at the fair is a lot of fun. As long as you don\’t have a license. Professional drivers are different. Back pain, less time with the family, risk of collisions, greater responsibility…
So what to do? How do you choose the right hobby? How to enjoy it?
If you are looking for an activity that will last longer than a weekend of fun, you need to find what you are missing. Your body and mind need rest after a long day of routine. So what\’s the spice of life for you?
– Recreation
– Adrenaline
– Relaxation
– Physical exercise
– Art
– Laughter
smích slečen

It does not really matter what you prioritize. You just have to know that the activity will bring you satisfaction. Even if it is just sitting in the sun or walking in the rain.
Everyone needs to feel good about themselves. To overcome our own limitations. That\’s why exercise and sports are so popular. You might not think it\’s about relaxing your muscles. But when endorphins flood your body, you can feel a really great release after a workout.
Find something you won\’t regret. Not something that is a waste of time, but something that is your time. Take turns enjoying it. And find something that grabs you. Just don\’t spend your life sitting at home in front of the TV watching the fictional lives of actors trapped in that flickering box. Let\’s enjoy it. As soon as possible.