Fashion Trends 2020: Fashion Color 2020

The days of millennial pink and neon yellow are a thing of the past; for spring 2020, a slightly different color palette reigns supreme. Of particular note is classic blue, the classic shade of blue chosen by the Pantone Institute as this year\’s Color of the Year. How do you wear fashion blue? All you need is a pair of denim over jeans or a blue jumper. Options include classic blues and brighter shades in pastel color palettes.
In addition to the fashion colors of Pantone 2020, fashion comes in strong shades of red (called poppy red), deep green (reminiscent of lush jungle plants), and slightly grayish colors.
žena v červené mikině

What colors will we wear in spring 2020?

It seems that Czech women who love black will have to look to a more vibrant color palette for some time to come. They can play with accessories, if not with the overall styling.

Fiery red fashion trends oblečení na ramínkách[20
A pop of this energetic color was created by a particularly popular brand, Valentino. The Italian fashion house presented Roman red in cotton dresses and caps or short leather shorts paired with platform sandals.
oblečení na ramínkách

Classic blue fashion trends
Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Balenciaga all showcased the pantone color of the year in their collections. A subdued shade of dark blue, classic blue underscores our desire for stability and authenticity. According to color psychologists, it is a classic and calming color. This shade evokes peace and tranquility in us. It helps us to concentrate. So have at least one pair of pants or dress in this color in your closet and wear it to important meetings (not just at work)

[30] Dark green fashion color [31] [32
Lush vegetation in jungles and urban palm groves represent this fashion color for 2020. Dark green is perfect for coats and blouses paired with jeans, for example. Crazy dresses, like those on Versace\’s Spring 2020 runway, could be popular at parties. Women who like classic, relaxed outfits can also wear green.