Fashion Trends and Men’s Shoes

Men do not like to be told what to wear or what lifestyle to express their unique personality. Fashion trends are one thing, but one\’s opinion on how to dress may not coincide with them at all.

Still, most people are at least inspired by their surroundings and the direction of the clothing and footwear industry, some gravitate toward conservative dressing and footwear, others are concerned about comfort and prioritize their health over what to wear or not wear.
splétané boty

This is interesting for footwear as well. Human society is constantly evolving, and what was unthinkable 100 years ago, no one now considers inappropriate. Therefore, different styles exist among people, expressing our inner selves. Shoes are actually like a mirror of the mind, and when a well-groomed, interesting, handsome, and attractive man wears shoes at first glance, our eyes always go to his lower body. Dirty, leaky scrubs ruin everything else.

What does elegance wear? The most popular half-shoes are of two types. One is the so-called brogue, which is perforated and breathable. Originally for Irish and Scottish peasants, they were later worn by golfers and became especially famous around the time of World War II, thanks to jazz. Thanks to an Elvis Presley movie, young men abroad began to wear black and white shoes.

The second type of walking shoe suitable for formal wear is the “chukka,” an ankle-length leather half-shoe, usually made of cowhide. These shoes are tied with laces and are a versatile type of shoe that can be used for virtually anything.
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Cool people

Cool people like comfort and are mainly attracted to textile and leather types of shoes, called “sneakers” in the Czech Republic and “sneakers” worldwide. Although they do not go with suits, most men of this type rarely appear in suits in society. And if there are exceptions to the rule, the cool ones wear rather comfortable moccasins, reminiscent of prairie Indians, made of leather and decorated with fringe, embroidery, and beads.