Finance without worrying.

znak Škody

výměna sklaEven Skoda Auto, which launched the novelty on the service of Skoda, did not have any worries.The popularity of acquiring vehicles under operating leases has literally experienced its boom. Society and people\’s perceptions are changing. Previously everyone wanted to own a car, but now customers increasingly perceive the car as a means of mobility and use finance in a different way. Operational leasing meets all the expectations of customers and potential buyers who perceive the use of the car as a service.
znak Škody
First deal damage.
Skoda Auto, in cooperation with Skoda Financial Services, began operating leases for individuals in 2014. And it was unprecedented news. Previously, such financing options were aimed only at companies, and not at individuals at all. But the novelty quickly settled and still enjoys its popularity. To date, thousands of customers have already used it. And now the Skoda Auto of the service of Skoda comes without worrying about pleasant changes.

Please choose.
If in the original program it was possible to rent only a pre-specified car, then you can choose any model range with any equipment and any engine. The offer of Skoda Operating Lease without worry includes a complete range of Skoda vehicles. Therefore, it is up to you whether you choose Fabia, Octavia, SUV Skoda Kodiak, fabulous or hot Mladá Boleslav novelty Skoda Car Lock.  Sports cars SUCH as OCTAVIA RS and RS245 ARE also available. In addition to individual configurations, loans can also be used for stock cars available from authorized dealers.

Can according to your wishes and needs and original accessories, such as towbar, roof rack, mat or network program. It is also up to you to decide which lease term to choose, it can be from 24 to 48 months, and the mileage from 5,000 to 150,000 km. There is actually no limit to variability.  Together with the Skoda automotive brand, Skoda offers new, comprehensive and adaptable solutions.
The advantage of operating leases is zero down payment compared to loans. This means that you will not pay the entrance fee. A huge advantage is that the monthly payment amount for the entire contract period is fixed. This gives you confidence in terms of family and personal financial budget planning.
výměna skla
Comprehensive care.
The package also includes comprehensive insurance, including compulsory liability insurance for damage caused by the operation of the car, and of course there is accident insurance, plus additional insurance for the windows of the vehicle. Your co-payment is optional, you can choose between 1% or 5%. It is also possible to arrange Skoda Insurance Plus.This includes, for example, an extension loan for a replacement car, direct liquidation of both innocent and accomplice damages, and insurance of the difference in the price of the purchase and time of the vehicle.Without covering the joint payments from the gap accident insurance. The provision of insurance is complemented by for example. I have accident insurance for the person in the vehicle, insurance for luggage in the vehicle or insurance for a legal protection assistant.

In order for the service to be truly complete, you also have a choice in terms of service. You can choose between options without service or variants with Skoda Prepaid service. The 2nd option involves covering all service costs and comprehensive maintenance of the car during the lease period. In addition to both variants, the tire service service can be ordered, which includes a set of winter tires and tire service work during replacement.