Ford Focus

When you buy this car you will have a choice of 12 striking paint colors. The front end of the car has a very sporty look, and the designer\’s vertically striped front grille complements the overall look. The hood moldings emphasize the aerodynamics of the car. Not to forget the headlights that blend into the sides. Unlike other cars, they are not unnecessarily exaggerated. One must also compliment the rear, where the rear spoiler is in perfect harmony with the bodywork.
znak Ford
The rear lights follow the same trend as the front. There is a light section in the center for the turn signals and reversing lights. The rear wiper is short. Turning to the interior, one can see that the comfort level has improved compared to the previous generation. The manufacturer has also taken care of the trunk space, which is 608 liters in the estate version. The steering wheel is well shaped and comfortable for long trips. The display in the dashboard pillar is also attractive.
Ford interiƩr
Features, gearbox, and equipment
As with all cars these days, the emphasis is on perfect safety. Pedestrian detection is one of the highlights. Driving down a narrow street, a car may be stopped in a row on either side of you. Suddenly, a pedestrian enters the crosswalk, but you have no time to react. That\’s why we have this state-of-the-art system. It sees the pedestrian and automatically applies the brakes at full force. This system is standard on all cars of this model. To go with the aforementioned engine, the user can choose a gearbox: either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic; each of the six gears has something to offer, and the choice is yours. The choice here is left to each user. Such a standard is the Ford Focus Trend However, even this trim already has all power windows, a leather steering wheel, or daytime running lights for example. The other main segment is the classic five-door and station wagon. Of course, even the short version has about 375 liters of luggage space.