Give socks as an original gift!

The online stores are full of all kinds of things. Even something as mundane as socks can be given in an original way, like flowers or pyramids.
Socks for athletes with antibacterial effects, thermo socks, ballerina socks, socks with funny letters, socks with reflective dots printed on them, fingerless socks, socks with tick repellent effects, and so on. There are all kinds to choose from for women, men, and children.
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Composition is important
Socks are usually a mixture of several materials, including cotton, hemp, polyamide, polypropylene, bamboo, acrylic, and polyester. Because manufacturers always choose the right material for comfort, socks have different compositions for summer and winter wear. They also vary according to the type of sport.

Health First
Hemless socks are called health socks; their advantage is that the hems can be stretched as far as possible, thus preventing blisters. This type of sock is suitable for people who suffer from swollen feet, which are often seen in diabetics and other patients.
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If the floor is lino or wood flooring and you don\’t want to wear slippers but do to eliminate the risk of slipping, the solution is non-slip socks. [Good quality socks last longer, so it doesn\’t hurt to cut corners. You will likely save the pennies you invest in antifungal ointments and blister plasters later. A well-chosen pair of socks can save you from many inconveniences.

Originality is worth it
If you use your imagination, you can come up with many ideas for using socks as gifts. In addition to the aforementioned bouquets and pyramids, socks can be used as gift stashes for candy for kids, money for adults, and new cell phones for teens.