How to become a profitable artist?

The 21st century is synonymous with art. Almost everyone today has the ambition to succeed as a pianist, opera singer, or Oscar-winning actor. But how can we turn our love of the arts into a trade?

muž hrající na piano


Just because you dreamed at the age of five that you would be the most admired ballerina in the Czech Republic does not mean that you actually will be. That is why it is extremely important to be humble. Do you have talent? Well, there are many people who have talent. Does your art have a unique message that the world needs to know? Oh, it\’s wonderful. But, you know, it\’s been done before.

That you\’re muscular, six feet tall, with a smile so white it lights up the streets at night? Look left, look right. There are plenty of people like you. Why are you the only one trying to succeed?

“Believe in yourself, but don\’t give in.”

It\’s good to believe in your work. But remember, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and it can be the difference between being able to pay next month\’s rent or not. So always present your work with humility. Smile, be grateful, and above all, never forget that you, as an artist, are immediately replaceable.
muž s obrazy

“. .to know the right people is to have opportunity.”

“I want to be at the top of my game…” Noble thoughts, I admit. But if you stay away from it from the start, you will soon get the job done. Sure, your work speaks for itself, but you need people to listen to it. A friend knows someone in the industry? Fine, ask for an introduction. If you get inside one person\’s mind, you get inside everyone\’s mind.

There are really only a handful of people who have bypassed the agencies and really climbed up from the bottom. After all, how many actors are in this industry because of their famous parents? An opportunity handed to you on a silver platter is still an opportunity. Just because you take it doesn\’t mean that your talent or ability is diminished.


Don\’t hang your dreams on a nail at the first slip. Don\’t cry now that nothing is certain, that you must keep trying, because you have chosen the more difficult path. Because that is what you have wanted all along. No stereotypes. No cramped rooms, no 9 to 5 jobs 7 days a week. This has been a nightmare from the beginning. Couldn\’t you show me your paintings? Try another gallery. Or ask a friend who owns an art gallery.

“There is more than one way to success.”

Or, or, or …… There are countless ways to make it big. And if you remove the glass walls that block opportunities from your eyes, you will see them more clearly. You have been taught that there is more than one path to success. That it is unconventional, that it is strange, that no one has ever done it before, that it means nothing. Maybe it just means you should aim for it!

“Burying the Back Door: ……”

Believe in your art, but be vigilant and have a backup plan. Want to paint? But you should get a part time job with a steady paycheck so you don\’t end up on the street. And you can always take a step back, right? [But you must be patient, anticipate disappointments, and rejoice in small successes.