How to Lead a Healthy lifestyle sustainably

Each of us wants to have a motivation to eat healthy and live healthy, but to be honest, a diet consisting of boiled chicken and steamed broccoli is not sustainable for everyone. Not even for the biggest supporters of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can also degenerate to extremes, such as anorexia, bulimia, or the little-known orthorexia. Can we make excuses for not having money or time for a healthy lifestyle, or that we find boring?
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Don\’t be afraid of food
You don\’t really need to eat unsalted, tasteless food. The human body needs energy and you need to give it to it. Try to eat intuitively, that is, listen to your body, but it will tell you when it is hungry and what it craves. At first you may not be fully aware of it, but gradually you learn to listen to your body and see that it suits you. Don\’t worry if you gain weight, if so, you can reduce your intake. But eating a little is more harmful to the body than gaining weight.
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Try New Things
Try new foods, restaurants, spices, ingredients, or recipes. Try a vegetarian or vegan day and you might get caught up in it too. If you\’ve never eaten tofu or tempeh, there\’s nothing easier than trying it. The same goes for side dishes such as sweet potatoes, quinoa and legumes. Discover a new taste and you will never stop enjoying it.

Treat yourself
If you like French fries, have them. Sometimes they do nothing to you, and if you deny yourself junk food, you will always think about it. For example, 2 times a week, give yourself the rule that you can eat something unhealthy and enjoy it properly. Life is not about denying yourself something. If you have a celebration, treat yourself and hover back into your mode the next day.

Find the Movement you enjoy.
Movement is definitely part of a healthy lifestyle. It provides us with endorphins and keeps our body healthy. But to force yourself into it is meaningless. For example, tryWalking. It is the most natural movement of the body. You can also enroll in a variety of courses, including yoga and zumba. Try searching.