How will the children live?

Whether there is one or more children in the home , boy or girl, baby, toddler or elementary school student, we always want to make sure that their personal space, their room, in short their roomto deal with. We want them to sleep well, play well, and learn well. And, as much as possible, we should furnish it according to the children\’s own tastes and preferences. Children usually have “worlds”that are full of imagination . Their living spaces need furniture, toys, and accessories that support their imagination. At the same time, however, they should not be a distraction at rest. Ensure a restful sleep . How can we address this difficult challenge? Here are some tips!
modrý dětský pokoj.jpg

  • Color and light

For small babies, a bright room is best. Choose white or the lightest shade. More color can be added to rooms where
larger children
play. You can also paint the walls a variety of colors. The walls can be covered with pictures, posters, wallpaper, or stickers with motifs that the children like. For example, favorite fairy tale or movie characters, animals, nature, sports, fantasy, technology, fashion, etc. There are many choices. Mostly, the children choose according to their individual
preferences. Don\’t be afraid to involve the children in the furniture making process and let them “have their way” as much as possible (if possible)!

  • Size and spacing

When arranging furniture for a child\’s room, you need to look around with the child\’seyes Is the furnituretoo tall? A good choice is to select furniture that “grows” with the child and does not require frequent changes to expensive pieces of interior design. Will the children be able to safely get on the bed? Will they be comfortable sitting at a desk? Will they be able to reach drawers, shelves, and light switches? Everything needs to be checked in advance!pokoj pro slečnu.jpg

  • Imagination and playfulness

A little creativity is also needed when furnishing. For example, give furniture and accessories the shape of a favorite fairy tale character or animal. For example, you can play a little with lighting and create variable “scenesby arranging and combining them appropriately. However, do not create dark corners. We don\’t want to scare the children (especially at night, when they wake up)!