Hydrogen cars instead of electric cars?

Until recently, it was clearthat the future belongs to electric cars. However, electric vehicles also have many drawbacks. In particular, the long charging times at home, the unpreparedness of the power grid (often non-ecological ways of generating electricity), and the short cruising range. Despite this, electric vehicles have been touted as the vehicles of the future, and they still are. Now, however, a discovery has been made that could change that. Before we get into that, let\’s get the basics about hydrogen (=hydrogen) cars

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This is a scientist\’s dream. These carsare quiet and produce no harmful gases. The exhaust emitspure vaporinstead of harmful NO2(or carbon dioxide). Another undeniable advantage is the ability to replenish energy just as quickly as current vehicles. The range will also be considerably longer than that of electric vehicles. The only and biggest disadvantage
is the lack of hydrogen předek auta. Hydrogen must be produced in a complex and expensive process. However, this problem could be solved by an invention by scientists. It is now possible to produce hydrogen ions from seawater . However, this required large amounts of pure water. Unfortunately, in some areas, water is all that is needed, making the use of water to produce hydrogen completely impractical. Hongjie Dai, a chemist at Stanford University, discovered a way to produce hydrogen from seawater. A method to produce hydrogen from seawater was discovered by Stanford University chemist Hongjie Dai and his colleagues. Needless to say, this hydrogen production process should be environmentally friendly.
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If indeed it is and this invention succeeds, it will be a major breakthrough and hydrogen cars will no longer be a hindrance. So we can only watch with our fingers crossed, hoping that the scientists will not find a problem and that their discovery will be of real help to mankind.