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Perhaps you may wonder what an alcoholic is like. Alcoholics can be convinced once they realize that they cannot go a day without alcohol. But what about, say, drinking two pints of red wine before bed? Would this be considered alcoholism? Maybe yes, maybe no. In such a Moravian country, it would be debatable whether red wine before bed is an addiction. Different regions, different morals. They are literally wine addicts.
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Wine production itself is based on process as well as natural phenomena. And what is natural cannot be harmful. After all, it is also the natural processing of the fruit of the earth, which is intrinsically tied to nature. Even ecologists would say so.
Moreover, Moravia is directly about growing wine grapes. This is all that people think of when they hear the word Moravia. Without wine cellars to store the best wines, it would definitely be impossible. In such a wine cellar, drink fine Moravian wine every day and ask questions about alcoholism. The sudden smile on the cellar master\’s face will be a clear answer for you
Wine has been and continues to have beneficial effects on our health. In fact, it is the noble beverage that all physicians invariably recommend.
There are an amazing number of scientific studies that show that the beneficial effects of wine drinking on health are real.
Most important is prevention. This is brought about by the substances in wine. You don\’t have to get cancer or heart disease to benefit from wine. It is also effective against diabetes.
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There is a rule that everyone knows very well. Everything in moderation! After all, it is alcohol. If you are routinely addicted to alcohol, something is wrong. No one would expect it to have a therapeutic effect. We should definitely keep this in mind lest we inadvertently become the king or queen of alcoholism.