Know your country

We should encourage our children to love to travel and learn about our beautiful country. Our homeland offers us much beauty and impressive sights. If you have decided to travel but cannot think of a destination, you can certainly visit the little-knownTercino Valley. The valley is named after the Stropnice River and after Count Bucoy\’s wife, Teresi. At her request, the count had a nature park created along the river. Here there are ornamental trees, including a 500-year-old oak tree, well-maintained trails, benches, and a man-made waterfall. The canyon trail is suitable for strollers and small children. They will surely enjoy the trip. If you are still willing and able to hike, you can visit the pilgrimage church of Dobra Voda . Located in the West Bohemian region , walking along wooden paths and trails is especially attractive for children. These cross the peatlands at the bottom of the dry lake. The dry lake is a series of mud volcanoes and the water is bubbling, like the surface of the moon. There are many mineral springs here. The trail is neither long nor difficult. It is about one kilometer long. Therefore, do not worry even if you have small children with you. A trip to

Ruchy will be a delight for children. This picturesque castle has been designed with children in mind and regularly hosts a variety of programs. The labyrinths in the castle\’s large park are fascinating. Each labyrinth is made of different materials. The castle also has a restaurant and a snack stand.
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If you are a parent with small children in strollers,do not take them to White Opava. Located in North Moravia, this place is more suitable for older children. Climbing stone steps on chains and walking around waterfalls in the wilderness will thrill adventurous tourists and grown children.