Lipno is full of experiences

When one thinks of Shmava, many people imagine sacred peace, unspoiled nature, and fresh air. But too much has changed here, and the region has undergone significant changes. Some of those changes are so massive that they can be likened to the largest amusement parks. The Lipno area itself is just such an area, offering the most attractions for adults and children alike.Lipno s loděmi

The Forest Kingdom .
Perhaps the most desirable, this park offers many attractions in the life of the forest. It is true that the forest was a great inspiration when this project was developed. This allows visitors to become more familiar with and understand how the animals move in the forest and life in general in the forest. There are even live goats for distraction.
Treetop Path
The first trail built in the Czech Republic,it is wheelchair accessible along its entire length, making it an incredible experience even for those with limited mobility. There are various stops along the way where anyone can educate themselves, and the spectacular views are a sweet reward afterwards.
Cable cars, bicycles, scooters, bobsledsstezka do korun stromů na Lipně
The adrenaline that the various trails bringRushing is a wonderful experience for everyone in its own way. The trail is less than 4 km long, up by cable car and down by scooter. 34]Biking hereis fairly leisurely, but the bike route still connects individual points of interest worth seeing. Bobsleighcoursesare fairly safe and offer a peaceful experience for adults and children alike. For those who want to relax, the waterfront, local beaches, and water sports are recommended. stezka do korun stromů na Lipně
Romance? That\’s fine
There is no need to go on an expensive trip abroad. The various places in Lipno offer romance and privacy. Lipno\’s coastal perimeter is nearly 150 kmand just off the bike path, you can swim as well as enjoy a nice picnic in complete privacy. There is plenty of entertainment here for everyone.