Make a spring draft of your shoebox

First, when you take stock of your shoe store, you actually need to think and put your feelings aside for a while. Otherwise, it easily happens that in a few years you will literally be overwhelmed by ragged and fashionable pieces with different emotional connections, but they will only occupy space. You can still give some chances at minor repairs in the specialist, but say goodbye mercilessly to other “retirees”.  

tygrované boty

For this spring season, designers should not miss not only the flowering bow, but also the exotic motifs of animal skins such as leopards, tigers and zebras in so-called urban shoes, with a floral pattern as the main theme inspired by the distant Amazon rainforest. But lovers of tinsel will come to themselves, because gold and silver elements appear in almost all types of shoes. Those who wear more conservative shoes can choose the monochrome shades of powder and beige, which are still clinging, or the very fur of red and blue, which this year reigns in all shades


In the shops of this year\’s spring collection of shoes you can find products with a fairly sturdy sole, which will be a hot novelty of the year. Most often it can be found in white, but in finely processed ribbon sandals or ballerinas, as well as in straw or cork.Shoes of the latter type of the year admit that the shape of the toe has slightly changed, but it is noticeably rounded, slightly pointed, in comparison with previous years. It was a great experience. A little higher will often be the sole, so it will be more comfortable to wear at the same time.
chůze po kolejích

We can choose from a variety of materials offered by the manufacturer. These are synthetic materials, for example, eco-leather, eco-suede, leatherette or textiles. But most of them do not have the characteristics of high-quality genuine leather, that is, they are poorly breathable and do not adapt to the shape of the foot. But they are still the most sought-after on the market, especially because of their low prices.