Reasons to Seek Advice from a Style Consultant

I know women who are literally friends with fashion. They always know what to wear, which clothes go where, and are prepared accordingly wherever they go. They also know how to match accessories and have a wide variety of jewelry, bracelets, belts, etc. Maybe they enjoy mixing and matching. They have no problem in society because they are always dressed in the latest fashions. I don\’t know about you, but maybe I am not one of them. I don\’t care much about fashion. I take my favorite jeans everywhere. Sometimes I get up and put on a dress. Truth be told, wearing a dress suddenly makes me feel more feminine and better, but I can\’t mix and match accessories and frankly, I don\’t enjoy it. I\’ve lived like this for years. I\’m content with jeans or worse, leggings.
šaty na ramínkách
But life works miracles too. It was probably no coincidence that I met Linda, a fashion and style consultant. She invited me to Prague and together we toured some of the famous big-box stores. I had no idea that trying on clothes could be so intoxicating!
boty, hodinky a kabelka
Like Pretty Wommen, I was very “laid back” about trying on clothes. And I literally enjoyed the pile of clothes that Linda brought into the cubicle. And suddenly I found myself enjoying trying on clothes. Especially when I take off my well-worn jeans and put on something new and less flamboyant. Being conservative, I didn\’t wear trendy fashions, but I did buy a few, and they weren\’t too expensive. I suggest keeping an eye out for spring, summer, fall and winter sales.