Shopping carts in many forms

Many things Today we take for granted and do not think otherwise. But suchshopping cartsare part of every supermarket and many small stores and have been with us for just over 70 years.

nákupní vozík

    nákupní vozík

    • It first appeared in the United States in 1937.
    • It happened in Oklahoma City.

    The original shopping cart was a bit away. These were basically ordinary baskets, complemented by metal structures with wheels.It wasn\’t until a few years later that the idea was refined and the shopping cart was practically in its current form. That is, we were able to push each other.

    • Some may be a little surprised that metal shopping carts often disappear from the “parking space”.
    • After all, it is very profitable to “buy” a practical shopping cart for 5 crowns.

    A new type of shopping cart has flies.

    The new is a smaller variant of the shopping cart (basket), which isplastic and comes with a pull-out handle. They are a bit more practical in size, but they are not suitable for everyone, especially for small purchases.


    • The main problem is that the goods are basically almost on the ground.
    • This type is not suitable for 2 reasons.

      1. For example, not everyone wants to drag the pastry almost to the floor.
      2. Older people in particular have problems storing goods and taking them out at checkout.

    Simply, every customer who has a plastic basket in a supermarket will exercise a little while shopping. Perhaps manufacturers of shopping carts and trolleys will surprise us in the future and come up with another variant that is much more perfect.

    • And in conclusion there are 1 interesting things.

      • With a metal shopping basket, you\’re not just going shopping.
      • Various competitions and contests are held.

    Racers with baskets go down hills, down stairs, or race with the crew.

    Who knows, maybe it will get to the store, and we will start the cart in front of the supermarket for a quick shopping action.