The Beauty of Skirts

After a long winter, skirts are beginning to appear again. Long, short, patterned, monochromatic, sheath, and A-line ……. They come in a variety of materials, some appropriate for sultry summer days, others for cool spring mornings.

fialová sukně

Skirt styles

A-line skirts are named for their resemblance to letter shapes. It is the most common cut of skirt, usually to the knee. This cut suits women with wider hips that can be concealed. Straight skirts

look good on women with a boyish figure (the simple equation is that a straight figure looks good in a straight skirt). Straight skirts are either knee-length or have a shorter mini-length. These skirts emphasize the width of the thighs and hips and should be avoided by women with problems in these areas. 18]

Sheath skirts are usually knee-length or below the knee and can visually elongate the figure. They accentuate a woman\’s curves and are flattering on all body types. Only women with wider hips should be wary of high-waisted sheath skirts. This cancels out the curve-enhancing effect. 22]

The goddess skirtis actually a sheath skirt with a ruffled hem. They are especially suited to slim women, but can be worn by women with wider hips if the proper cut is chosen. The general length is below the knee.

The balloon skirt [31] gets its name from its resemblance to a balloon. It is visually expansive and therefore suitable only for slim women. The length of this skirt usually reaches above the knee. [32] [33] [34] Maxi skirts [35] are names given to long skirts. This type of skirt is not suitable for women with straight, boyish or obese figures. This is because this type of skirt creates a pillar effect that kills a woman\’s curves. There is room for women who are only slightly overweight. 36]

Miniskirtsare primarily for women who are slim or have well-shaped legs. Miniskirts are designed especially for slim women or women with nicely shaped legs.