The End of Free Wi-Fi?

On February 23, according to an article on a certain server, these mini-networks are over, simplybeing discontinued. This was supposedly because the GPDR would be enforced. Do you know what I am talking about? Let me quickly explain:bezdrátové zařízeníbezdrátové zařízení
GPDR is a new law on data protection. The abbreviation stands forGeneral Data Protection Regulation, which can be interpreted as Personal Data Regulation, or more precisely Data Protection. However,

whether or not you connect to an “unencrypted” network is entirely your business and your risk. It has nothing to do with personal data.As long as you don\’t put it out there for distribution, I hope no reasonable person would do that. And even if they did, the network operator would have to know the MAC addresses of the devices connected to it, right? I mean, it\’s a major thing.

This article was probably misunderstood because it was not about network security for potential customers dealing with inboxes in restaurants. It was about protection in general,i.e., network security against other entities in particular. Thus, if the network was not adequately protected, the affected establishments in which the network operated faced fines of up to 20% of their turnover.

To describe this whole matter in purely layman\’s terms, if someone uses their network to broadcast alarming messages or simply actscontrary to the general law, they must identify it with absolute precisionand seemingly with absolute precision. The next question is, if they want to identify him, are they committing a crime? Just like they killed the poor animal over a hundred times, we will be able to ask that over and over again until they kill us.

wifi směrovač

Well, the law is scheduled to take effect on May 25 of this year (2018). In any case, the upper management should clarify the conditions. Then we, the users, will have to dig our heels in and ask, at best, “what and how?”