To Age More Slowly

We grow old from the time we are born. But our skin is affected not only by the external environment, but also by our own behavior. And we not only look unhealthy, we are unhealthy!

No woman probably wants to look like an old woman at 40. It is an unfortunate fact that many women (even young women) unnecessarily accelerate the aging process of their skin. So what can we do, and what can we not do, to slow skin aging as much as possible? There are things we can do!
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Wash your face twice a day
Regularly removing impurities from the facial skin is essential. Experts recommend this for everyone, especially those with acne. When the skin is dirty, more revenge is needed to prevent the dirt from advancing to deeper layers. But in the process, the pores become clogged. Pores become inflamed.
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Drink water
Drink at least 2 liters a day. However, when I say water, I don\’t mean sugary sodas, energy drinks, coffee, or alcoholic beverages. If you want to add flavor to “plain” water, lemon is the best way to do it.

No smoking .
This is not good for the skin or the body as a whole. You don\’t notice it when you are young. It is not even visible. But as the years go by, the difference in skin quality (and appearance) between smokers and non-smokers gets bigger and bigger. To be clear, female smokers age faster!

Reduce Sugar
Experts recommend reducing sugar intake. It should be replaced by the intake of fruits and vegetables.
For those who love sweet treats, this is not good news, but limiting it will benefit the skin as well as the body\’s lines. Sugar causes its depletion. Too much can even cause chronic inflammation. And it speeds up the aging process.

Choose supplements wisely
When choosing a supplement, it is always a good idea to consult an expert. For example, collagen in vitamins may not enter the skin at all, according to experts. For example, amino acids are recommended. Amino acids are necessary for the body to make collagen for the skin.