Travel in the midst of a pandemic

Covid-19 is in its second year affecting human activities worldwide. This global crisis has had a significant impact on travel as well as on the possibilities and means of travel. In this era of pandemics (global pandemics), under economic pressure, with many new challenges and negative news, there is a growing need to free oneself from everyday worries. Various pandemic-related restrictions and closures have also affected travel. Closed hotels, restaurants, and border crossing restrictions have made travel difficult, making it difficult to detach from negative news and come up with alternative ideas. Tours have been canceled, anxiety has increased, and opportunities to travel have diminished altogether.


At the same time, motorhome and caravan sales have doubled. The waiting time to purchase a new motorhome has grown to one year. Prices have risen, but interest has not waned. The reason is simple: caravans have become one of the few options to protect oneself from infection and to travel within sanitary restrictions during a pandemic crisis. Caravanning seems like a good solution, but is it suitable for all?

Traveling by caravan has its own particularities. The occupants must be tolerant of each other; they must learn to live in a limited space of 14 to 16 square meters; they must be able to live in a small space, and they must be able to live in a small space, and they must be able to live in a small space. The trip is made from the air, so to speak, due to the lack of traditional facilities, as the campsite is closed. This means parking the caravan outside the campsite, where permitted by law. In doing so, it is important to respect the surrounding environment, avoid disturbing it, and keep it clean. Do not flush sewage or toilets anywhere in the countryside and leave the site in such a way that it is not obvious that someone is camping there. If these rules are not followed, the various prohibitions and restrictions on caravanners quickly pile up. The Czech Republic is almost always lagging behind in the provision of basic services to caravanners, which are common in neighboring countries. Municipalities sometimes address this problem with restrictions or bans instead of providing services


Parking in the open requires service approximately every three days. This means spilling dirty water, flushing the toilet, and refilling with clean water. For this purpose, so-called STPLs (caravan parks) often provide the necessary facilities for maintenance. Traveling by caravan is suited to those who prefer to live independently. They like to plan their own leisure time and are willing to accept some restrictions in order to do so. This type of travel is not suitable for those who want comfort and excellent service. Caravans and motorhomes are quite expensive. Therefore, it is advisable to rent a caravan before deciding if this type of travel is right for you.