Instagram is not rocket science, but that doesn\’t mean there aren\’t still ways to use it that aren\’t familiar to everyone. So let\’s take a look.
Add an “Insta Story”
Insta Stories are used to add various captions, emojis, hashtags, timestamps, and various other effects to a simple photo or video for those who follow you, called followers, to see.
instagram a mobilní telefon
For those who have photos that are not good enough to post on a forum, InstaStories is the right choice!
Tip #1. are your photos too zoomed in inappropriately when you add them to InstaStories, or do you just want to add photos that are more than 24 hours old? Hover over a photo in your photo gallery and take a screenshot. This will take a photo with a black border, which you can use to add the aforementioned captions, effects, etc. on Instagram!
Tip 2. If I want to add a caption to a story (insta-story) or draw something of my own, a color strip will appear, but what if I can\’t find the color I want? Simply long press on an individual color and a palette of shades will appear from which you can choose.
Tip 3. Have you noticed that when you take a photo on Instagram, the quality of the photo drops significantly? There is a simple trick to this as well. First, take a photo with your phone\’s camera and post it on Instagram. Even if it takes a few seconds longer, the image quality will certainly be much better.
panáček u foťákuArchive individual photos
I am very sorry that I only recently discovered this feature. This is because, by then, I had deleted so many photos in a fit of pique that I wanted to go back to it. So I hope you can prevent that from happening.
panáček u foťáku

Tip #1: How do you archive photos so that they don\’t hang on your main wall, but you can always go back to them there? This is also easy. If you click on a particular photo and then click on the three dots in the upper right corner, you will have the option to “archive” that photo.
Share a link from your website
Do you have your own website and want to post various links from it to your InstaStory?
Tip #1. Simply go into the settings and enter your website URL to track various stats!
Hopefully at least some of the advice is helpful and can be put to good use.