Amaranth – a treasure trove of health

In our situation, Amaranth was not very domesticated. It is a treasure trove of health for all generations. In the Czech language, Amaranth is called Raskavec, and you can also meet the names elephant ears or fake cereals. It is a food with a long history. There is evidence of its consumption by the Aztecs, who treated its leaves as vegetables and made flour from its ground seeds.

zdravé tyčinky

Amaranth seeds are recommended by nutritionists due to the high content of high-quality proteins, especially lysine and oleic and linoleic acids. Both these substances slow down the aging process of the body and at the same time have a beneficial effect on the prevention of damage to joints and cartilage. Lysine, in turn, increases the formation of muscle mass, promotes the absorption of calcium, promotes the fight against various viruses, increases the production of collagen, which protects the body and reduces the risk of injury to the musculoskeletal system. It is also an excellent helper in the treatment of herpes. Another beneficial property of this miracle is its protection from excessive cholesterol formation in the blood, thanks to the squalene they contain. It also contains high levels of vitamin B3, which helps with metabolic disorders and skin problems.
amarant v misce

Versatile use is found in modern kitchens. Most often eat it in a variety of mixtures of breakfast cereals and porridge. Another of the favorite products of amaranth is bread, which complements vegetable salads with sprouted seeds and soups.1 The easiest way to prepare amaranth is as a side dish instead of rice or couscous.

Another possible preparation of this healthy food is in the form of vegetable or meat patties. A very interesting taste of the seeds of amaranth is achieved by frying them in a dry frying pan. Seeds in the pot break under the influence of heat, similar to corn. Amaranth is a favorite food of vegetarians and lovers of raw cooking. 1.Another option for preparing these healthy seeds is a stick of both sweet and salty.