Starting an Herb Garden

You don\’t need much space to enjoy herbs. They are very easy to grow. Herbs usually do not choose where they are planted. So one can choose an unused corner of the garden or a simple box to put on the balcony. Thus, there is no need to have a garden. Even a room in an apartment can be used to create a green herb corner.zahradní byliny.jpg
Which herbs to choose?
In the spring, you can buy seeds of all kinds of herbs in any store. But is it a good idea to buy seedlings before they are grown? Unfortunately, you will be disappointed. Buying seedlings at the market will not give you the benefit of the doubt. Herbs are for consumption, not for growing. But if you buy seedlings at a gardening store, you can harvest them for a long time and reap the benefits. But there is nothing more enjoyable than watching an herb grow from a seed.
When to harvest herbs?
Once the herbs begin to grow, you can begin harvesting the leaves. However, it is best to harvest them just before they flower. The flavor will be most pronounced. Make sure, however, that they are not infected with mold or pests. Unfortunately, such herbs are not suitable for harvesting. On the contrary, mold can spoil and degrade the flavor of the herb itself.sušené byliny.jpg
Drying and Processing Herbs
If you like the fresh taste and aroma, freeze the picked leaves. Don\’t just put them in a bag and put them in the freezer. They will rot. It is best to put them in a box and cover them with water. Ice preserves the flavor better. Another way is to make a paste. Not every herb can be made. Pesto is durable and does not lose much of its flavor as the herbs\’ flavors gradually mix with the oil. Another method is to dry them. However, this method loses most of the flavor of the herbs. Not all herbs can be dried, so check the gardening and herb experts\’ forums for more interesting and important advice.