Android 7.0 Nougat has been successfully used by millions of satisfied users

Already in the original version, the so-called Doze, a system means to adjust the processor work when the phone is only in standby mode, first appeared. This allows significant power savings by temporarily disconnecting the GPS module and separating running applications from the network. In the new version, the Doze system is activated whenever the phone is idle for an extended period of time, such as while in the pocket, and smoothly transitions to sleep mode. 9] mobilní aplikace
In the new version of Android, system resource optimization is better better handled, reducing unnecessary data synchronization, which may be reflected in increased compression and reduced data cache space for video playback. Of course, the optimization feature is user-configurable.
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Power savings and faster application execution

The new tools are primarily “AOT (ahead of time)” compiles for standby and charging, and “JIT (just in time” compiles, both for standby and recharging, and “JIT (just in time)” compiles for faster application execution. Ultimately, this primarily affects the speedup of applications that are executed each time the OS is upgraded to a new version. The upgrade time would be reduced by several tens of minutes.
This change is also reflected in the graphical interface ,where higher performance is transferred and redundant driver loading is suppressed, thus reducing CPU and memory load. This involves a completely new feature called Vulkan, which works by utilizing the structure of a set of threads.
The confirmation bar is simplified to a single line, from which you can reply directly, so there is no need to unnecessarily open the entire application for this purpose. in newer versions of Android, it is also possible to group two work windows side by side, but for now, This only applies to some applications that allow so-called “screen splitting”. For example, it can be tried with search engines, YouTube, and servers.
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Google also remembers the disabled. People who only hear with one ear can opt for “mono” operation, where both channels of stereo sound are mixed into one common channel. Also interesting is the option to change the font size (DPI) for the visually impaired.