Great cars

I have always wanted a car. Because I live in the countryside and it is really far to the city, so I have always wanted a car, mainly for commuting to the city. Because I remember that when I used to commute to work, I used to take the bus as well because it was cold and I didn\’t want to ride my bike. Other than that, in the spring, summer, and fall, of course I ride my bike or electric scooter, but I don\’t want to drive. So when I didn\’t have a car and took the bus to work, there were a few times, three or four times a month, when I was unlucky and the bus was late, and I arrived at work 15 or 20 minutes late.

Auto je praktické.

And of course, the bus delays were so frequent that my employer did not like it. But of course, there was no control over that. I really didn\’t want to walk seven kilometers in the freezing cold and drizzle of winter. So I ended up getting fired from both jobs. I needed a car because I was always late.

Ráda jezdím s bráchou závodně.

Fortunately, I got my Group B license first and my grandfather gave me a car too. It was an old car, a little rusty and scratched up, but I still had my roadworthiness test left, so I could finally drive it to work. I\’m never late, and I commute to work really regularly and honestly. And in my opinion, it should always be that way. Here\’s where I can see that having a car at home is a real benefit. I can drive anywhere, anytime and not have to rely on the weather or the bus. If I didn\’t have a car, I would have left the village and lived in the city.