Bad Technology

I am glad that we live in a time when technology, computers and cell phones are very common. I myself could not live without modern technology. But I am not a technology addict. I work in a store as a cashier and sometimes as a stocker. So, aside from the electronic cash registers, I have very little exposure to technology. And the really cool thing here is that I don\’t even have to calculate the amount of money I\’m giving back to the customer. The electronic cash register does it all for you. It\’s a perfect invention! What if the cashier is giving the wrong advice?

Pokladny jsou různé.

What if they told you that you would get 5 crowns less per purchase? Well, one crown would be enough, and you would have to pay it out of your own money at the end of your shift. But I don\’t think you have to do that. The store tells me I have to rely on the cashier. So if the cashier breaks down and I have to return more money to someone than I have and I don\’t realize it, I think I\’m going to be left holding the bag.

Rozbitý mobil? Stává se.

Or how about then? At least I hope so. Because machines as well as humans are not perfect. In my opinion, if something breaks, it is not man\’s fault. I know many people say that nothing breaks by itself. But that is not true. Because I know many cases where something broke by itself and stopped working. I don\’t know what it was, but it was probably a manufacturing defect. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. Technology is technology. We can\’t avoid cell phones, TVs, etc. Not everything is to our liking. But if we work hard and look for quality, we can usually avoid mistakes.