How to shop

When it comes to shopping, at first glance, it may seem that everyone does it the same way. Because what is the difference? People go into a store, pick up what they want, pay for it, and do their business.

But they don\’t. Because each of us is different, each of us has a unique
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a) The first group is those who have no shortage of money but not much time. Such people run to the supermarket, pick up what their hearts and other organs crave, pay for it and hurry away. And if there is any difference in their behavior, it is probably that, as dripping people, they despair when they see the line of customers ahead of them, or have to wade through a traffic jam of “treasure hunters” blocking the aisles with their baskets while they study some instruction manual or something in small print The only fact is that it will not happen more than once or twice when you are not.

b) There are also those who come to the store already well-equipped from advertising flyers and similar printed material. They already know what is for sale and go looking for it. And more than once, they leave the store after being haggled over. Or they have it in stock, but they don\’t have time to unpack it, and they don\’t have time to hang around until the clerk fixes it.

c) Then there are those who run around with shopping bags from store to store, looking for bargains. Searching for bargains. This activity is particularly time consuming, so it is not surprising that mainly pensioners and the unemployed are immersed in this activity. Unlike the working class, these are people who have more time to spare.
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But there is one thing they have in common. That is that they usually go looking for behavioral products. At least they don\’t despise it, and they are willing to get whatever is undervalued.

And they take pleasure in saving money.

However, it is clear that they do not always save money this way. Anyone who has been buying the same products in the same stores for a long time and has an awareness of prices knows this.

For example, if Penny discounts a can of tuna to 19.90 kroner, people might buy it. Because other times it is more expensive. But a few years ago, the same can of tuna was less than 10 kroner. Not that it happened.

So people in the stores act tactically if they can. The stores are tactical too. They even try to stop me from going to Penney\’s. I don\’t like to be made to look like a fool. For example, chocolate, which until recently was stable at 20 kroner, is exceptionally reduced from 70 kroner to 40 kroner. And people will tear their arms off for that discount.