Have you ever tried it? People are so spoiled by the comfort of taking off their shoes that they don\’t even think about it. Many do not realize all that taking off one\’s shoes brings to a person, and many are embarrassed in front of people in the South. Believe it or not, this activity is the best thing for the body. In the past, people used to walk barefoot. Nowadays, if you walk on a slightly rough surface, your feet start to hurt terribly. However, this is a result of training, and over time the feet will get used to the hard surface. Just because a shoe is comfortable does not mean it is right. We are born with healthy bare feet and it is natural to walk barefoot.


Health Implications
Walking with orthopedic soles has even been found to be harmful to the feet, and in some countries, wise physicians are beginning to recommend walking barefoot. More and more people are suffering from spinal problems and underdeveloped arches. This is due to improper footwear. In fact, for healthy feet, shoes should be removed altogether. Walking barefoot improves exercise technique and is a great help for those who need to lose weight. Furthermore, we are constantly activating the skin receptors on our feet, and thanks to the acupressure points on the soles, we are healing our entire body from the outside and inside. All organs, muscles, ligaments and joints …… Every movement is felt more intensely, and that is exactly what the body needs.


Impact on the psyche [19].
Health is closely related to the spirit, and walking barefoot literally boosts energy. By going barefoot, one can get in touch with Mother Earth and one\’s roots. With practice, our feet become accustomed to the surface of the road and we can unconsciously avoid obstacles without having to pay much attention to them. Walking barefoot brings you back to your old self and sets you free. It is truly amazing how just one small step of taking off our shoes can move our universe and make us feel as if taking off our shoes removes all the worries of the hectic world of today and this businessman\’s world and brings us back to that world where people lived freely and in harmony with nature. Walking barefoot gives one a stronger sense of not only the movement, but of the world as a whole, which in turn takes one back to childhood, when there were no burdens.