One must learn to save oneself and one’s wallet

Life today is all about spending. Pay this, pay that. Buy three now, buy more here. Better buy more, buy more. All of this revolves around your head. And you are not alone. Even your tight household budget is now teetering between suicide and rehabilitation. But let\’s be realistic for a moment. Do you really want to go all out, every month, to the best of your ability? If we were you, we would save as much as possible while you still have a job, while you still have a paycheck. Then again, one fine day both may disappear, and when they do, it will be great fun to watch them scream at the state.
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Investigation can be torture

It can be done in many ways. Some of them are unpleasant; others require getting used to them. For example, cold water showers take time. We are simply not used to it. But these daily efforts can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month; imagine how much you could cook and drown in 20 minutes of hot water. On the other hand, with an ice shower, you can go here and take a shower just to get there. We would save water, we would save energy for heating. There are many ways to do that, but none of them steal what we have a hard time imagining living without. We could probably live without it for a while, but one way or another we would be content to return to our daily hot bath. It\’s comfort. Convenience has completely affected us, and we do things for convenience that our ancestors would have stopped to think about. Above all, frugality means living frugally and mindfully, which is something people don\’t like to associate with.
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Why save?

This is a question everyone should ask themselves. What actually motivates us? To have more money in your account? To limit consumption? To reduce the burden on the ecosystem? Moral satisfaction? Whatever it is, we should always decide on something, even if it is saving for a vacation. Because then everything will be much better off.