Beware of WiFi in Cafes

Restaurants, cafes, hotels, and shopping malls offer their patrons completely free WiFi with no password. Unfortunately, this connection poses a significant risk to your security. Once you connect to an unprotected network, any hacker can easily see what you are doing on your smartphone. They can see all your passwords and can control every profile and account you own.

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We all use our cell phones to access email, use social networking sites, and many of us even use online banking. We need to be very careful where and to which networks we log in, even if we don\’t realize it. Carriers and IT expertsrecommend using the data trafficof telecommunications carriers. It is much safer.

All it takes is a small box

Hackers do not need a dizzying array of network protocol knowledge to break into public WiFi. In fact, all a hacker needs is a small device that weighs only about 5,600 pounds. Rather than hacking into an existing network, the device creates a new network that mimics real WiFi.

Once connected, hackers can access all data within minutes. Hackers obtain login information to the cloud, bank accounts, social networks, and email. In no time at all, you can lose money in your checking account. Just by using public, free networks, all your savings are gone.

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They are lurking everywhere

Thus, you may feel that hacker attacks don\’t happen often. The opposite is also true. That is why it is important to consider what you are doing. It\’s not just coffee shops that are at risk, but airports and hospitals as well.

And hackers don\’t even have to be sitting near you; [35] thanks to a special booster, [36] a pineapple can operate from 100 meters away. In other words, they can sit quietly in a parking lot. That way, you will not even know that such a person is nearby. Therefore, data from operators should be prioritized. It is worth paying for the data rather than losing all your savings.