Controversial Politics

I think if there were no politics, people might not even debate. Do you think that is a great thing? In my opinion, absolutely not. I don\’t think people should be fighting with each other, even if it is political. So if there was any problem, I thought it would be better not to talk about politics at all. That\’s why if there is a chance to change this, I definitely want to change it.

Tak co vy a politika?

In my opinion, if maybe all people would agree to never fight about politics again like this, that would not be a bad thing. Some people like politics, some people live politics. So I figured it would be better for me to stay quiet and not even pay attention to politics than for me to argue with someone. So I thought I should tell everyone that. Or do you still want to argue with someone just about politics? Like, you\’re not even interested in politics, and suddenly you\’re fighting about politics.

Světová politika je opravdu všude.

And maybe you fight with your whole family over politics. And would you want to fight during the holidays? Why fight when it\’s Christmas? Is it because of politics? I understand that sometimes politics can be very strange and really awful that you think you disagree with it 100%. But this is not just you at all, a lot of people really do have these opinions, even me. Sometimes I think that we should pay attention to our own emotional growth and mental state so that we don\’t unnecessarily get nervous, so that we don\’t unnecessarily burden our minds with politics. It really sucks, guys. Instead of getting involved in politics, you should get involved with yourself, love your fellow man, and especially love your whole family. Your family is always on your side, not on the side of politicians or political parties. There is no point in arguing and fussing about politics, because it\’s all about the people, not the politics.