Cell Phone Addiction

We wake up in the morning with our cell phones. Cell phones have become an integral part of us and stay with us throughout the long day. Every night we go to bed so that we can use our cell phones again in the morning. Thus, the mobile phone is rapidly replacing face-to-face contact and gradually isolating us from the outside world
blondýna s kávou a mobilem
blondýna s kávou a mobilem
With the huge boom in the cell phone market and the development of mobile applications, cell phones have become indispensable partners in both our public and private lives. However, this usually triggers problems in personal and partner life.
Likewise, cell phones can be good advisors or bad masters. In fact, cell phones can replace all sorts of important things. From alarm clocks, to texting and communication apps, to social networking and shopping apps, to various games and virtual friends. As a result, one can easily find regular users who become addicted to cell phones.
These are a variety of psychological disorders and addictions that manifest themselves primarily through nervousness, which is driven by a strong urge to operate the cell phone. Another serious symptom is panic when the battery is low or an unpleasant sensation when in a place where there is no cell phone signal.
lidé s mobilem
Nomophobia, the fear of losing one\’s cell phone, is one of the most serious mental disorders after smoking, alcoholism, and gambling addiction. When cravings are satisfied by cell phones, dopamine levels in the brain increase and pleasure is induced. Addiction then ensues.
If you want to get rid of your cell phone addiction, you must first realize that you are addicted and that you want to get rid of your addiction. The next step is to gradually reduce cell phone use until one establishes a schedule for using the cell phone. [For example, start by turning off the cell phone at night. Eventually, put the cell phone away during the day and set aside breaks for other activities. By doing so, one can aim for a state of nonviolence that leads to freedom from addiction and effective use of free time. This way, they can use the time for themselves and deepen the relationships they need.