Many of us remember the elementary and high school lunchrooms where you needed a card or chip for your keys, where your information was recorded and you paid for your lunch. But do you know how exactly this technology works? It is certainly not new; RFID technology is quite old, but it is still in use today. That\’s mainly because it is quite reliable. If you have a card at work that opens the front door or records the start of your shift, it is probably this card
modré čipy
modré čipy

What is it?

RFID technology stands for “Radio Frequency Identification” There are two basic things in RFID. There are two basic components of RFID: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter sends out an electromagnetic signal to the surrounding area, and if an RFID chip appears in the signal, its number can be determined and further processed. As for the basic programming language, arduino provides an excellent programming environment and API to get started with this technology.
The code of the chips in proximity can be retrieved from the reader and worked with accordingly. In most cases, each company using these cards has a database of card codes and retrieves the users and products associated with that chip code from the database.
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There are many chips on the market, but the two basic types are card and key chips. These chips are available very inexpensively. Also, most vendors sell cards in multiples, rather than one at a time. Readers, however, are a bit more expensive. I recently picked up an Arduino reader for about 400 kronor. Of course, there are more expensive and higher quality ones. But which one you choose is up to you.
You might have thought that credit cards would work this way. But it does not. Credit cards work on a slightly different foundation: a modified version of RFID called NFC.