Electric cars must hear: Tesla will fart on pedestrians

Electric cars are the answer to the need for environmentally friendly transportation. They are fuel efficient, fast, and quiet. And one last thing matters. For the safety of pedestrians who cannot follow electric vehicles with their ears, there is a push in Europe and the U.S. for legislation that would require manufacturers to equip electric vehicles with a playback sound that would sufficiently alert pedestrians of approaching oncoming traffic. However, the use of a mere engine sound seemed too prosaic to the automakers, and they approached the legal obligation with ingenuity and even humor.
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Volkswagen likes science fiction
For example, German car giant Volkswagen made sure that everyone could tell which electric car was approaching by its approaching sound in order to comply with European Union regulations in June 2019. For the new ID.3 hatchback electric car, German engineers chose a futuristic sound that evokes the flight of the Starship Enterprise
rather than a car.
This sound not only serves the safety function of alerting the driver to the car in motion, but also becomes part of the VW brand. The sound is heard through external speakers when the ID.3 is starting, traveling at 30 km/h, or backing up, and its intensity increases in relation to vehicle speed and accelerator pedal position.
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Tesla bets on humor
A pioneering company, Tesla also decided to associate a distinctive sound with its cars. Known for his unconventional thinking and quirky sense of humor, President Elon Musk previously included a farting feature for each seat in the car. This option will also be able to be played through external speakers. This will allow the car\’s driver to literally fart at pedestrians.
Musk also recently tweeted a demo of the Tesla 3.” Don\’t just stand there and stare, jump in!” And “Get out of the way!” He shouted the simple phrase, “I\’m not going to be able to get out of the way. Watch out, I\’m coming!” and other shouts. Apparently, Tesla\’s electric cars will reign supreme as the world\’s funniest cars. One can only hope that their behavior doesn\’t offend anyone.