Understanding Cats

It is said that one can find a great friend in a cat only if the cat chooses him or her. This alludes to the cat\’s great independence and the impossibility of complete taming. Cats have always been themselves and have not been enslaved for centuries, whether man cursed or adored them. Thus, if we wish to befriend or be loved by cats, we must first of all understand them. Then the cat will give us everything back a hundredfold and even make our health problems bearable .
Cats are not dogs
Dogs and cats are actually always competing with each other to be most liked by humans. Dogs still outnumber cats in the household. However, cats are becomingequally popular because they can also be faithful companions while maintaining their freedom. However, the mistake is that many people tend to treat them the same way they treat dogs.
If one wants to understand cats, one must first understand that their behavior is quite different from that of dogs. That is why the most common cause of misunderstanding is when people misunderstand what the cat is trying to tell them and the cat begins to defend itself, scratching and biting the human.
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Learn to read cats\’ signals carefully by carefully observing their posture, ears, whiskers, and tail! Only by doing so will you form the perfect bond and the friendship between you will be complete.38] Cats are not dogs,
and they wag their tails not because they are happy but because they are upset and in trouble. On the contrary, they express interest by gently moving the tip of their tails and pleasure by standing vertically. Spinning usually indicates satisfaction, but a change to a grumpy tone may indicate pain, so it is necessary to distinguish between the two. A slight lift of the paw is not a friendly canine paw, but a serious warning!