Food is oversweetened in the Czech Republic

The statistics, as a whole speaks clearly as a whole, with the Czech Republic consuming at least half of its daily intake of sugar . The increase in consumption is not due to an overabundance of sweetened products in the country. Overall, our sugar intake is such that only about one-fifth of the rest is given to us directly by food manufacturers.
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To better understand where and with what content sugar is hidden,64 products were tested. Salt is found in salty products and sugar in sweet products. This may be valid for homemade products, but not for the ubiquitous industrial diet. [Salt is found in sweet foods and sugar is found in salty foods. Believe it or not, peanuts kneaded with horseradish contain more sugar than those found in pastries.
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The National Veterinary Institute in Praguerevealed surprising results in one study. Foods contain glucose, glucose-fructose liquid sugar, maltodextrin, and invert sugar. Sugar is almost ubiquitous and tends to make up the majority of its content. A cup of fruit yogurt contains six and a half cubes of sugar, and cereal contains a quarter of that amount. In addition, sugar levels in children\’s products are alarming. Some contain halfof an adult\’s daily sugar intake (90 grams/day)

Instant tea is almost 100% sugar
All instant mixes rightfully rank among the record holders in sugar content. This is especially true for cocoa, coffee, and tea. The record holder contains a ratio of99.7 percent sugar,the trace residue in the mixture is the flavoring ingredient, the product Basic Tea Drink Lemon. 31]A less pleasant finding is the fact that foods classified as health foods contain high sugar content. whole-grain breads, cereals, and dairy products. For dairy products, it is primarily desserts and flavored yogurts that contain up to 20 grams of sugar per serving.
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Does the industry have to be so sweet?
Sugar is to some extent a preservative, but it can also add color and texture to a product. This is also due to a number of technological processes. However, the main aspect of increased sugar content in industrial foods can be approximated by the saying “taste grows with the food. It is a well-known fact that the more sugar one consumes, the more the body needs sugar.