The Beauty of Perennials

Any garden can bloom gradually from spring through winter. All you have to do is choose all the plants in the right configuration and combine them in your garden according to how you want them to bloom. You can choose a variety of perennials as well as annuals and biennials.
How do you grow perennials? The best way is to get seedlings that are already grown. It saves you the trouble of raising seedlings and is well worth the investment. Some perennials grow by bulbs, while others grow purely by their roots.
růžovofialové jiřiny
Bulb perennials must be taken out of the soil for the winter so they can be enjoyed the following year. If possible, place them on newspaper or napkins to keep them dry. It is also recommended to keep them in a cool, dark place.
For other perennials, simply place them in their chosen location, bury the roots in the ground, water them, and then pull out weeds or tear off old leaves and dead flowers from time to time. However, some plants can be a disaster, so check first to see how well the plant will reproduce, lest it kill other perennials or become overgrown all over the place in a few years. One of the most common invasive perennial species is hawthorn. It has beautiful red to brick-red flowers, but in less than a year it will spread wherever it has the opportunity.
Perennials come in a variety of colors and sizes. Some have small, small flowers that stick to the ground and cover the soil. Others are taller and have flowers at eye level when in bloom.
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When combining flowers, remember that, with few exceptions, perennials do not flower all year round. They need to be combined in such a way that they bloom gradually so that no part of the garden becomes a flower garden without color. Such a garden will be pleasing to the eye and the mind only for the briefest of moments when the flowers are in bloom. Don\’t be tempted by the beautiful flowers of one perennial variety, but enjoy a variety of perennials.