Girasek’s Hronov

This theater festival, or show as it should be called, takes place in the small, discreet, almost border town of Hronov in Bohemia. Alois Jirasek spent part of his life in this town. We will walk through the house where he lived while observing the accompanying program that takes place in the large space of the beautiful Jirasek Park. There is also a statue of him here.
pět tanečnic
The festival in Hronov is already 100 years old and its quality cannot be compared to any other festival in Bohemia. Most of the productions end up here, and it is impossible to make any further progress in the amateur theater scene in the Czech Republic. This huge project will take place over ten days in the first half of August. The morning block will consist of seminars by expert lecturers, focusing on movement, music, dance, voice, staging, theatrical expression, etc.
In the afternoon, individual performances will take place. Tickets for individual performances must be purchased in advance. If you are a seminar student, you will receive a 50% discount on these tickets. Depending on the performance, tickets can be purchased on the spot or exchanged at the so-called ticket exchange.
If one does not attend the seminar, one may join the discussion club, which deals with the analysis of the afternoon performances that one was able to see the day before. The theater makes several trips to the so-called “Thinking Room” in the “Capek Hall” of the “Grand Theater” and the building farthest from the center, the “Sokol Hall,” so that as many people as possible can be in four places at once.
dámská škraboška
Overnight accommodations are provided in local elementary schools and ice rink grounds with mattresses and sleeping bags, and meals are provided by local school cafeterias. There are also many food stalls in the square where one can buy fast food such as hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips, etc.
If you have a week in August free, I encourage you to come to Fronov.