Stereotypes hindering youth education

Let us go back to the time of the famous reformer Maria Theresa. We owe her a lot of reorganization, especially in education. Maria Theresa was instrumental in laying the foundation for attendance. It was not until 1869 that the Imperial Education Law made it “compulsory”. Nothing has changed since then. Only a few things have changed, some of them influenced by post-socialist capitalist Czechoslovakia.
unavený kluk u okna
The system has not changed in any particular way. The same teachers have been in the schools for about 50 years. So it is not surprising that we do not notice any changes in teaching methods, nor do we see any new faces. A very young teacher appeared in such a school. First of all, “appearing” here does not mean simply filling a void. Because that teacher is young, he loses his potential, and in six months he will be transferred.
Human factors influence the careless cramming of children. Disgust, passivity, and stereotypes. These three words come from within the teacher. In fact, many students see in their teachers zero creativity or drive. They are completely fed up with school. Why do they go to school? Because then there would be no one left to teach. At least with the driving force of money, they can continue.
The ability to learn new things is a lifelong necessity. So why don\’t we put our heads together and start teaching differently? It only takes a few…
The excuses professors make are pathetic.
učitel s žákem u tabule
it\’s something like, “I didn\’t have time.”
“We should have written it as we learned it.” It refers to the rejection of an alternative. E.g., a student calculates it in his own way, which is also correct, but the teacher does not accept it because he was taught a different solution.
“I don\’t know my way.” This is followed by erasing the text. A common reason is teacher negligence.
Simply put, the entire Czech school system is going to hell and no one is doing anything about it. Professors know nothing but to complain about their low salaries and the fact that students are paying for their tuition. But it is easy to blame others and complain. Anyone can do that. But when we look at ourselves, no one can do that anymore.