Going on vacation in the neighborhood

The first country I would like to introduce is one that until recently was part of our country. It is a small country, but definitely ideal for a slightly cheaper vacation, whether you want to relax at the Piešt\’any hot springs or check out one of the popular open-air museums.
But the most visited destination is undoubtedly the beautiful Tatra Mountains. There are a variety of trails available, from challenging climbs such as the highest peak, Gerlachovský štít, to leisurely strolls. The Tatra Mountains are not alone. My favorite place is Slovak Paradise, where the nature is directly fascinating, but the routes are quite challenging and often pass over unstable bridges. In short, it is not for those who are afraid of heights.
Apart from the mountains, tourists can enjoy the Presos (glacial lakes), which do not require a day trip to see. Some lakes are not in the mountains.
chlap s batohem na zádech
Of course, we must not forget the capital. It may not be on Prague\’s level, but there are still things to see and do. A walk along the Danube River, Bratislava Castle and the Michaelis Gate are definitely worth a visit. History buffs will love Špisský hrad, the largest castle in Central Europe, located near Slovak Paradise.
We paid in euros and the price is the same as ours. In a tourist town like Tatra, it will be a bit more expensive. Of course, don\’t look for the metro here
, as it\’s not the best way to get around.
potřeby turisty

The capital, Vienna, is not far from Bratislava. It is a baroque city and the home of Sigmund Freud. It is known for its wonderful Christmas markets, Sacher cakes, and good coffee. In addition, Vienna has an interesting state opera and many museums. One of them is an exhibition of the important painter Claude Monet.
Besides Vienna, Austria has many other interesting cities with historical centers, such as Salzburg and Bregenz.
And last but not least, tourists return to Austria again and again to ski in the Alps in winter. Many say that once they visit the Alps, they never want to go anywhere else.