Grow nuts

Nuts are a very healthy snack. People who are not allergic to nuts should include them in their diet on a regular basis. Nuts can be used in baking and cooking, but most of their nutrients are found in raw nuts. If you have a large enough garden, growing your own nuts is ideal. Not only is this crop relatively expensive, but you can always get fresh nuts. It is not necessary to grow only the well-known walnuts. There are many other types of nuts that grow smaller than walnuts , but it is the walnut that offers the most health benefits. Walnuts
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are a very valuable source of unsaturated fatty acidsthat our bodies need. They also contain important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Ideally, nuts should be eaten without being salted or roasted. The most commonly grown nut in our countryis the royal walnut. Walnuts are very familiar to us. However, there are also red berry varieties.
If you prefer to grow less mature trees, grow hazel . It doesn\’t take up much space in the garden. Moreover, it is not difficult to grow and the fruit is tasty and healthy. Hazel is a shrub that can also be used to make a hedge. When planting, remember that hazel is an exotic shrub. For this shrub to bear fruit, two seedlings must be planted.
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It also needs to be pruned at least once every two years. Do not confuse common hazel with ornamental hazel. Hazel hazel has interesting twisting branches, but does not produce nuts. Planting hazel not only pleases itself, but also the bees that collect so much pollen from the spring flowers. Hazel is also useful as a barrier against erosion. If you are facing this problem in your garden, you can prevent it by planting hazel trees. When eating nuts, make sure the kernels are fresh.